10 Healthy Tips To ACE Your Exam

10 Healthy Tips To ACE Your Exam

While closing in the library can be a proven (or at least proven) method of study, there is a better way, in fact, there are at least 21. Go ahead and boldly participate in the tests thanks to these scientific guidelines to change AP Misery in AP Mastery.

1. Learn when you’re sleepy

The bedtime stories are for children. Instead of reading Berenstain bears, try to study for a few minutes just before touching the hay.

During sleep, your brain strengthens new memories and places them in long-term memory, so it is very likely that you will remember everything you review before falling asleep. (Just try not to put work in a real bed, because distraction can make it hard for you to sleep well.)

2. Configure it

The new learning technique, called “interval repetition,” is to divide the information into small parts and constantly review them over a long period of time.

Do not try to memorize the entire periodic table at once. Instead, learn some poems every day and review each lesson before starting something new.

3. Create a mnemonic device

Turn the details you need to remember into an acronym that is easy to pronounce. For example, remember the order of PEMDAS mathematical operations (parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) using this catchy mnemonic device: Please (P) justify (E) my (M) way (D) Aunt (A) ) Sally (S).

4. Save it

Take advantage of these third-grade writing lessons. Research suggests that we store information more securely when we type it manually than when we type it on a computer keyboard. Start by copying the most important semester notes on a new sheet of paper.

5. Check yourself

Wondering can be one of the best ways to prepare for a real offer. Start the exercise routine with the download card (notes) and then without it. Use a stopwatch to simulate the test timeout.

This may seem obvious, but the best strategy is to focus on difficult things so that it does not interfere with the test.

Study Tips To ACE Your Exam

6. Shout it

The double effect of seeing and hearing information simultaneously helps to seal it in memory. So shout these notes out loud! We simply cannot guarantee that you will not be expelled from the library.

7. Let’s meet (now)

Group work does not end at all, but for those who benefit from a small team effort, a study group is a good option. Choose some careful friends and meet every few days to review the material.

Put a person responsible for delegating tasks (the obligation to snack, choose the music) and keep the group for the intended purpose.

8. Go back

This may sound strange, but walking backward is like pressing the brain scroll button. In one study, people who backed down might remember the movie better than those who came forward or stopped.

What is this strange phenomenon? The study authors call this the “mnemonic effect of time travel.”

9. Turn it on

Do not stay with just one subject. Instead, study several different materials at the same time. This technique helps you prepare for the right strategy to find a solution to your problem.

For example, if you have several problems divided into a row, you will know when each problem begins that will require a certain division. But creating a series of problems that may need to multiply, divide or aggregate means that you should stop and think about the best strategy.

10. Treat yourself!

A healthy Christmas cookie, a walk in the area, 5 minutes on Twitter, whatever you go by boat. Knowing that a small reward awaits at the end of the next pages makes it easier to overcome procrastination by flipping notes for a semester.

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